Sunday, December 13, 2009: I Hate Writing Poems « from the old blog archive »

I hate writing poems
I hate writing rhymes
Wanna know what's the problem?
That's because I don't have time!
I wasted all the minutes
On play cards
That's why I came up with this shit
Don't know where to start
But now I can do it
I am very proud
I'm writing this in the last minute

I'm back from an English camp with AYC. In the English camp they told us to make a poem for the funny poem contest since the first day of camp (it's 3-day camp) but I didn't have time to think about it. Just practicing the talent show and play play play play.

So in the last day I came up with this stupid poem. And because I wrote the last line in the last minutes, that's an abrupt end.

Finally, the staff adds in the final line:

I'm singing but I've got no crowds.