Friday, December 18, 2009: Typentilt: Type and Tilt! « from the old blog archive »

I made something long time ago since I heard the news about accelerometer support in Firefox 3.6.

I use a MacBook and MacBooks has accelerometer built in, so I made this. I call it Typentilt, which comes from from Type and Tilt!

To use it just open it in Firefox 3.6 beta 4 or later, type some text in and then rotate your MacBook vertically. The text you type appears, filling the browser. It's best to use this in Full Screen! (Cmd+Shift+F in Firefox 3.6)


Update 2012-06-23: The MozOrientation is now the standard called "DeviceOrientation" API. And while Firefox claims that it's working, as of writing it doesn't. You should try it on Google Chrome, instead.

I also moved the files to GitHub: