Friday, June 18, 2010: My Facebook Account Was Blocked « from the old blog archive »

I am at school and I want to sign in to Facebook chat from my mobile phone. It is a Nokia 5630. I downloaded eBuddy Mobile from the Ovi Store, but as soon as I sign in to Facebook, it says "wrong username/password."

So I opened up Opera Mobile to sign in to Facebook, but it says:

So maybe it's eBuddy's server accessing my Facebook account, so I just continue. The next step is pretty easy: confirm using my mobile phone.

I waited for more than 10 minutes, and no single SMS, so I left the fields blank and confirm the code. I tried this several times, but no SMS sent. I kept retrying.

...until Facebook sends me to this screen:

That looks very fun and exciting. I mean, it is just like a game. If I can remember people's face correctly then I can get my account back. So I pressed Start and then Facebook starts showing me pictures of my friends:

Well, A Technika screen? I never have a friend as a Technika screen. I have seen many Technika screens before and they all look the same. I don't even know their name, so who could this be? I have no other choices. I need to skip this question to get my Facebook account back.

Now a Facebook logo? Seriously what the fuck is this? I only have 2 skips, and again, I need to use it.

Then I see a photo where I can recognize the face, but...

....but look at these names! How can I know which name to choose? I also run out of skips. So I failed the tests, however, it's good that I have unlimited retries. Just sign out and sign in again.

I keep retrying until I can get pass through it. It appears that eBuddy's server accessed my account and Facebook never see me using eBuddy, so Facebook locked my account.

Now that my account was unlocked, I tried again, and then access to my account is blocked again and I have to through all the steps again. I forgot that eBuddy have many servers around the world. When I sign in the second time, it is from another server. I will never try it again. I will just stick with Nimbuzz. :D

Total time wasted: around 2 hours.

From my experience with Facebook, combined with what happened to me today, I see these things very annoying on Facebook:

Tagging People Who Has Nothing To Do With A Photo

I always remove my tag from photos that I am not in. I recommend that you do it too.

Usually when people want to share a photo with their friends, they tag their friends in this photo. To me it seems not right. I think that it's best to tag people in a photo if he/she is actually in the photo.

So how to share your photo with your friends? I think that the best way to use the share feature in Facebook. To share it with all your friends, just click "share" on the sidebar and post it to profile.

Want to share it with only a number of friends? Click "share" on the sidebar, and then click on "send as a message instead." You can then choose who to send to.

Using An Alias For Their Name On Facebook

Most of the time I will never accept friend requests from people who don't use a real name. This is just my personal opinion. I am just annoyed.

On Windows Live Messenger, I can assign a personal alias to their contacts on their contact list, so I will know who is who. However on Facebook I can't.

To me, Facebook is different from other social networks. Unlike Twitter or Windows Live Messenger, I think that Facebook is where I can get in touch with people I already know and I will only be friends with people I already know. For Twitter and Windows Live Messenger that I use to chat and meet random people.

So... that's all for this blog post.