Friday, August 13, 2010: TNK Grid « from the old blog archive »

First of all,

  • Browser support: Firefox
  • Operating system support: Linux and Mac (I'm sorry Windows users)

This is a little bookmarklet for DJMAX TECHNIKA players (who uses Linux or Mac). It displays a grid line overlaying the web page. It can help you time the notes, so that when you play, you know exactly when to activate that note, because now you know where exactly the note is.

Suppose you are watching a video of DJMAX TECHNIKA on YouTube.

You just click on the bookmarklet, and you see a gridline in front of you. You drag the handles of the gridline to fit it on the YouTube video.

You can then see how the notes are timed.

In the above picture, thick line represents a "beat" in the song, while thin line represents a "step" or "1/4 beat" in the song.

Note that in DJMAX TECHNIKA, the curvy dragging notes seems to be shifted slightly toward. It's not really related to this, so see this discussion on activation of different types of note in DJMAX Technika for more information on it.

Get TNK Grid: Click here to install TNK grid.

On that page, drag the blue link to your bookmarks toolbar. If you don't see a link labelled "TNK Grid 2," then you need a better browser.

To use, click on the "TNK Grid 2" item on your bookmarks toolbar, you will see a grid. Drag the handles (the borders) of it to size it according to the video.

You can click on the gridlines to switch the direction of that grid. This makes it possible to see the timing of videos with "left swipe", "right swipe" or "reverse swipe" effect added.

By the way, it also works with TECHNIKA 2!