Saturday, July 7, 2012: Divide Money - My first app written using Knockout.js

I just came from an HTML5 training. The instructors taught us some basic jQuery and told us to make an app about lifestyle.

So I think I’d try something new, so instead I play with Knockout.js

Here is the result: Divide Money App

It is an app to help you to figure out how much one needs to pay when eating at a restaurant. It is designed to be flexible so that it works with almost any situation.

After the experience, I found out that it’s extremely easy to build very rich app with this. You can add, change, and remove people and food, and the UI and results updates itself automatically.

And all of that is done with Knockout in less than 300 lines of code, which for me is really amazing.

So I definitely recommend playing with it: Knockout!