Thursday, October 13, 2011: How Facebook Ranks Your Friends

I’m a bit tired of all those applications that tries to determine your top friends based on some factor, knowing that Facebook knows the ranking of your friend more than any other applications could know. So I created this little experiment.

Please use Firefox or Chrome for this experiment.

The results from this application is considered private. No data will be sent to my server in this experiment.

Get the User ID

Click here to get the user ID (or enter your ID manually:)

(if the text above says "undefined", please click the above link again)

Get the Raw List

Sign in to Facebook and go to the URL below.

You should see a very long text. Copy all of them and paste it in the box below.

Paste The Content

Finally, click the button to see the ordered list of your friends, in some particular order that I don’t know, but this is the order that you’ll see when you tag your friends in posts/comments/photos.


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