Tuesday, August 14, 2012: dtinthstagram: Instagram Viewer for Web and Desktop

An Ajax app I made some time ago. It is an open-source super-smooth web-based Instagram viewer. If you are an Instagram user, try it out! :D

  • View your Instagram feed, like and comments on photos,
    in your big computer screen.
  • Auto-refreshes and works minimized:
    come back some time later and view all new photos.
  • Dark, slick and simple user interface with super-smooth animations.
  • Free and open source! on GitHub.

try it now

tested on Firefox, Safari and Chrome

Desktop Version (installation instructions)

### Windows and Linux (Chrome) * Install Google Chrome * Open dtinthstagram with Google Chrome * Click the Wrench Icon, Tools and then Create Application Shortcuts * Click Create to finish. Next time, run dtinthstagram from your desktop.
### Mac OS X (Fluid) * Install Fluid * Run the Fluid app. * In the URL field, type in:
http://dtinth.github.com/dtinthstagram/ * In the Name field, type in:
dtinthstagram * Click Create to finish. Next time, run the newly-created dtinthstagram app.