Sunday, June 17, 2012: sgvc

This is my new static site generator system, inspired by Jekyll, but is written in Node.js. The name stands for Static Site Generator using Views and Contents. It aims to be extremely flexible.

Before that, this website is running on a Ruby on Rails application, but I think that Ruby on Rails is too complex for this kind of simple blog, so I think writing a static site generator is better.


  • Each post is a single text file, which corresponds to a single file.
  • Write posts using a combination of Markdown and HTML. You can switch back and forth between Markdown and HTML using a special syntax.
  • Each post can define its own CSS and JavaScript, so each blog post can be different.
  • Each post can define parameters, which then can be understood by the layout.
    • For example, each post has to define a title, which the blog engine will then use to display on the list.
    • Each post can also define custom parameters, such as the “comments” parameter, and the layout can decide by this parameter whether to display the Disqus comment box or whatever.
  • The index page is a single page which displays all of the posts.
  • Each post can also have a preamble (Markdown only), which will be displayed on the index page.