Thursday, October 27, 2011: thaiWitter 3 RC

The newer version of thaiWitter (known as thaiWitter 3) is almost out


You can download the latest builds at the main Downloads page:

Enable User Stream / Direct API Call in Firefox

Please install the latest thaiWitter Client Extension which now works in thaiWitter beta.


  • A bit refactored code. Now written in its own language thaiJS (compiles to JavaScript) ;p
  • Fixed many small bugs and lot of stuff.
  • Server rewritten in Node.js + Express so very lightweight.
  • Live conversation view: new tweets that are relevant to the conversation will now slide into the conversation view.
  • Has Logout / Change Account button for re-authentication.
  • Has HTTPS thanks to Heroku.
  • Can post status updates to Facebook.
  • New image upload system. Can now post images to Just drag and drop the images into the text box and send. User interface inspired from @manatsawin’s Twitica Desktop.
  • Has the image preview feature, as suggested by @tannce and @icez. (Disabled by default).
  • Allows retweeting a retweet when the retweeter is protected, as reported by @PalmZenith.
  • When counting tweet text, all URLs will count as 20-21 characters because they will be shortened by Also each image upload will also count as 21 characters. And URL shorteners are now deprecated and gone.
  • Search feature is a more reliable, it now uses OAuth.
  • Displays “Twitter is over capacity” when Twitter is over capacity.
  • Lists timeline will now include retweets.
  • Can now follow/unfollow people/lists in-app.
  • Portable version: some common dialog UI adjustments :)
  • Portable version: now uses no-remote so you can run multiple instances of #thaiWitter at the same time. Just extract the package somewhere else.
  • When opening a new window, the new window’s size will match the size of the old window.
  • Too long words will be broken into lines using word-wrap: break-word.
  • More (or less :P) mobile compatibility. Better touch handling in iOS.
  • Username auto-completion using Tab key.
  • New notification options.