: Download thaiWitter

This page provides download links for the desktop version of #thaiWitter.

Beta! Beta!

The builds above are based on Mozilla Prism, and is based on a very old Gecko engine used in Firefox 3.6. These new builds are standalone XULRunner app, built based on XULRunner 13 (used in Firefox 13). The source code of these builds are available under MPL. (read the blog post)

To move the preferences from your old installation of #thaiWitter, copy the file webappsstore.sqlite from old version’s Data or profile directory to the new one’s.

Please report any problems to @dtinth.



Known Problems

  • No full-screen mode.
  • No GNTP/Growl notification on Windows.
  • Some Mac keys don’t works, for example, Cmd+H to hide app.