Saturday, February 2, 2013: ttycast v0.2 Released

ttycast v0.2.0 is just released. This new version is easier to use, includes server-side terminal emulation (instead of client-side), configurable terminal size, and recording support to .tty file.

UI refinements

The terminal window is moved to the center of browser window, and is accompanied with a little glow around the border.


Server-side terminal emulation

In old version (v0.0.x) raw terminal data is sent directly to each client, and each client runs its own terminal emulator.

In this version the terminal emulation is done in server-side. The rendered content is then sent to the browser. This ensures that all viewers see the same thing. The client side code to download is a lot smaller too.

Easier to use

You don’t have to type long commands (mkfifo /tmp/......) to start ttycast anymore.

In this new version, just type ttyreccast in one terminal and ttyrec /tmp/ttycast in another.


The new ttyreccast command also support recording to .tty file as you broadcast.

You may play the recorded file normally using ttyplay.

Adjustable Terminal Size

This version of ttycast doesn’t require you to use 80x25 terminal anymore.

You can use any terminal size you want.

You can read more about ttycast and how to install it at GitHub Project. Enjoy!